Not to Bother

It can be frustrated even if you go to other stores, and your experience may be declined. 
Of course, there may be cases where you have actually experienced it and stopped it, but it is also necessary for the staff to have the ability to teach new people each time. 
Even though it is a trial experience that is prepared not to increase such cases, the store side is a waste of effort even if it is repeated, so if you do not understand something, ask before going into the experience and try to find out Let’s. 
In addition, there is a way to say, “I’m going to do this,” but to decide which seat to put on and which seat to put on the seat. 

I am in charge of male employees. 
It is an important job so that the degree of prosperity changes as you go around. 
There are also shops that say lucky. 
At this time, there may be a drop in the experience entry shop, etc., but it may not be the same. 
It is said to fly such a case. 

Quit the store without contacting in advance. 
Suddenly, I can not communicate and I will not come to the store. 
It seems to happen often after payday. 
Basically, let’s refrain from insane acts even if it is not a cabaret. 

What do you think.
If you are planning to work from now on please read.