It is a word that includes tax. 
I understand the tax. 
It is a consumption tax. 
What is the service fee to be taken separately? 

There are cases where you can add 30% of the total amount to high places, but when paying with a credit card etc., you may be overpaid for this service fee. 
Certainly from the manager’s side, the cash business may be convenient because it will take over once when handing out a salary to the customer on a daily basis. 
It is an accounting item that I do not know well that I did it. 
The reason why I am not good at cabaret personally is that I am not good at making money that doesn’t understand such meaning well even though it is ugly with the bright account. 

Conversely speaking, it may not be good for people who care about that amount of money or people who care about it in the first place. 
There is one more word for those who want to work from now on: body roughening. 
This is a person who repeats the experience entry in various shops even though he does not intend to enter the store in full, for the purpose of getting a daily paid salary for entering the experience, and some shops give an hourly salary to this experience Because there is no technology in particular, you can earn even the first trial, so some people dare to repeat. 

In fact, when it comes to being a cover, you may be told the name etc. properly, but it will be difficult if you repeat it.